A Small Peek Into SYA

Here at SYA we do SOOO MUCH! We may have a rotation of the classes BUT what we do in classes is different EVERY DAY!

We are in our THIRD WEEK (whew this summer is FLYING BY) and at this point we are ROLLING (as Mrs. Butler says).

It is important that all students regularly attend the program because we are in full swing of our final projects, our big lessons and our instrumental/vocal and tap dance/interpretive dance routines. Your child may not be bale to fully participate in any of the performances for graduation if they are absent too many times.

HOWEVER, we understand it is summer so please if they are going to be absent - just give us a call! (402-399-9628)

This week is a video JUST for SYA parents. It's a short video but you just may see someone (or a few people) you know! :)

(if you are looking at the printed version of this blog post, go to: to watch the video!)

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