Our First Week of SYA is COMPLETE!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a week this has been!

The students have been learning the procedures, making new friendships and getting to know the staff! While the staff have been getting to know the students while watching their goal to help kids this summer come to life!

We start our day with Breakfast and then after Breakfast we have opening!

Opening is where we get the news of the day and rehearse some of our vocal songs for Graduation! Ask your student to show you the choreography for one of our vocal songs "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.

We have all of our academic classes in the morning but not every class is every day. We have "block" scheduling. So some classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some are Tuesday, Thursday.

Then in the afternoon we have our fine arts classes! From Tap to Reader's Theater (YES we will be putting on a play based off the book "Where the Wild Things Are", Instrumental Music, Science Experiments, Pottery and more!

All of the things we learn and routines we create will be on display during the SYA graduation in August! So stay tuned for the RSVP paper that will be sent home with your students mid-July!

Then at the end of the day the students have snack and have fellowship time. Fellowship time consists of games, coloring and other fun activities that allows all of the students to be together (because during the day they are split into "Teams" by age and/or grade).

DON'T FORGET...each afternoon when you or a loved one picks up your student(s) they need to check their mailboxes. Letters from the CEO (Mrs. Butler), from the Admin team (Ms. Courtney, Ms. Erica, Mr. Kevin), event reminders, RSVP's and/or activities that were done during the day will be in there! We want you to see what is going on at SYA!

A newsletter will also be published every Friday. June 7th and June 14th will be the only weeks that the newsletter will be printed out...the other weeks you can visit our blog for updates, pictures and videos!

We had a GREAT first week and can't wait to do it all over again next week!

See you Monday!

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