Supplementing Your Student's Education this Year

As SYA is coming to a close and graduation is only a few weeks away (hard to believe..I know!) we are starting to get the information about our Fall Supplemental Education Program out to parents, educators and loved ones.

Purpose Driven Advocacy Center’s Supplemental Education Program (the Student Advocacy and Tutoring Services) will help your child assess their struggle areas and give them the tools to overcome them, resulting in higher grades and improved behavior!

We will have essentially two parts to this program. The tutoring only part and then the Advocacy part.

The tutoring part will allow your child to get the extra help they need so that they can improve their subjects in school. It will be on site for 2-4 days a week (they have to attend at least 2 days a week).

The Advocacy part will INCLUDE tutoring but will also have IEP assistance, classroom visits, parent/teacher conference assistance and more available to you AND your student! They will also be a part of special reinforcement clinics as necessary.

Registration for this AWESOME program will be open soon! If you want to be one of the first to find out more about this program go to the Advocacy page on our website and sign up for notifications!


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