This summer has FLOWN by! Wow! Wow! Wow!

We have the rest of this week and next week for SYA...

The week after that is STEM camp...

Then it's graduation!


A few reminders:

1. Students that have consistently participated in the SYA Academy are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the STEM camp for NO EXTRA charge.

2. At graduation, ALL SYA/STEM students will receive a backpack FULL of school supplies! So parents..hold off on purchasing supplies until you see what we give them! :)

3. At graduation, all students will be taking their projects and learning tools home. They will be able to use their learning tools at home (workbooks, journals, etc) because they have tips, tricks and tools for Math, Reading, Comprehension, Writing, etc. to help them in school next year.


We encourage ALL students to continue to attend regularly and ON TIME through the end of the program! Absences & late arrivals may prevent a student from participating in the final performances at graduation and we KNOW you want to see all they have learned this summer through academics AND fine arts!

Let's keep being the geniuses we know we are!

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