We are here to help

Reading and Math Videos are here to help you!

"Read to Me, PDAC!" is a series where different members of the PDAC staff or volunteers read a book to kids! (Some may or may not be accompanied by some furry friends!)


During this time of uncertainty we will try to get as many videos out as possible so that while you are home you can put on a playlist that will keep your students occupied while you are doing some work or even preparing a meal! Even when we get back to normal - this will be a weekly series!


"Explain This Please, PDAC!" is a series where we will explain different subject concepts for different grades! We know that the teaching strategies in the classroom are different than what many of us parents and guardians are used to so feel free to use the videos in this series to help you and your student!


There will be Math, Spanish AND MORE! You can even submit a math problem you or your student is stuck on and we will do our best to get a video out ASAP! 


We will group the videos according to "school level" but as the number of videos grow we will adjust to make finding videos easier for everybody!


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